Tune-Up Services

Ensuring Performance With Car Tune-up Services in Selma, TX

You don’t have to understand the finer points of a tune-up to realize it’s vital for performance and longevity. This is an essential part of maintenance that needs to be done once every two years. Schedule car tune-up services in Selma, TX, at Selma Automotive, to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

The mechanics at our auto repair shop use a tune-up as an opportunity to go over your car’s systems thoroughly. Of course, we check the diagnostics for problems, but we do a whole lot more. We look at the various parts of your vehicle and see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced, and we inspect systems for potential problems. Through this, your car’s performance is enhanced.


During auto tune-up services, our technicians perform a series of inspections. For instance, we check the battery voltage level, then see if there are leaks or lose contacts. Digging deeper, we check for threats to your car’s performance by going over a list of potential faults. And, we make sure the emissions system is working as it should.

Once our mechanics have tuned-up your vehicle, expect better mileage, longer battery life, and more power when accelerating. Keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently by undergoing this important maintenance task.