Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service in Selma, TX, for Smooth Operations

Oil to your car is like blood to your body. It’s essential for health and life. That’s why our technicians at Selma Automotive recommend regular oil change service in Selma, TX. The mileage differs from vehicle to vehicle, depending on the age, make, and model. If you’re unsure how long your vehicle can go without an oil change, just ask us to give you an estimate for how long it’s safe to go between checkups.


The oil in your engine constantly circulates keeping the parts lubricated as well as collecting and carrying away contaminants to protect your engine from damage. Oil serves as the lubricant that prevents the different parts of the engine from rubbing together. As the oil in your engine wears down, its ability to keep your engine running properly lessens. Friction from the engine increases, creating heat. If this continues unchecked, it can cause untold damage to your vehicle.

Whether you have a new or older model vehicle, routine maintenance at our oil change shop will keep your engine running in optimal condition. Most manufacturers recommend having an oil change every 5,000 miles or so. Simply keep an eye on the mileage and schedule an appointment when it reaches that magic number. Our experienced mechanics make sure your car, truck, or SUV receives quality lube service it needs promptly.