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Whether you’re driving down a winding road or navigating a busy freeway, you can thank your car’s braking system for keeping you safe. In terms of safety, nothing provides you with more control, so it’s important that this system is always performing at its best. At Selma Automotive & Transmission Repair, we want to make sure you’re always driving a safe vehicle, and we offer a comprehensive list of brake repair services to ensure that’s the result. Our knowledgeable service advisors and experienced technicians work with you to find the proper solutions for your vehicle. They’ll use state-of-the-art tools and OE components for the service to ensure your car isn’t compromised by a lousy part or system. The result? A braking system that allows you to stop exactly when you need it to. Visit us in Selma, Texas, and see why we’re one of the area’s go-to brake service shops.

Are Your Brakes Noisy?

One of the most common signs something is wrong with the brakes -- and specifically the brake pads -- is when you start to hear noises every time you hit the pedal. The brake pads play a crucial role within the braking system, as they protect against metal-on-metal contact and help create the friction needed to stop your vehicle properly. Without them, the system would experience significant damage and you wouldn’t be able to stop as quickly as you’d like. Do you hear noises every time you brake? If so, here’s what they mean and what you need to do:

Squeaking or Squealing -- When these sounds occur, that indicates the brake pads are at minimal thickness. In the near future, your brake pads will wear out, leaving the metal calipers exposed. Although your car is technically fine, we recommend service as soon as you hear it to avoid any metal-on-metal contact from occurring. Grinding -- If you hear this sound, that lets you know the brake pads are fully worn. At this point, the metal calipers are clamping on the metal brake disc, which will lead to serious damage. Also, you won’t be able to stop as quickly due to the lack of proper friction, so we suggest brake pad replacement immediately.

We’re Ready to Help

Nothing can compromise the safety of your vehicle quicker than a faulty braking system. Make sure your car’s system is performing like it should and schedule a brake repair service with Selma Automotive & Transmission Repair. Located in Selma, Texas, our facility is home to some of the top brake repair experts in the area, as our technicians carry extensive training and experience working on these systems. Using this knowledge and our state-of-the-art equipment, we know that our techs will be able to restore, maintain, and improve the performance of your car’s brakes.

Have questions about our services? Want to learn more about what we do? Looking to schedule an appointment? Chat with our service advisors and give us a call at (210) 876-3467, as they’d be happy to help you. If you’re in the area, feel free to visit us on 15403 I-35 Suite C, as we happily accept walk-ins as well.