Auto AC & Heat Repair

Auto AC & Heat Repair in San Antonio, TX by Experienced Technicians

You don’t have to live in the Lone Star State for long to realize how essential air conditioning is. When your car’s AC is on the fritz, stop by Selma Automotive for effective solutions from experienced technicians. Our shop is your local source for prompt auto AC and heat repair in San Antonio, TX. No matter what the temperature is outside, we’ll to keep you comfortable.

While your car’s cooling system has little influence over the actual operation of your vehicle, it’s one of the most important features for your overall experience. No one wants to bake inside their car during a traffic jam on a blistering hot day. During the summer, it’s easy to sweat through your clothes during even short drives if your AC isn’t working well. Stay cool on the road and boost your car’s resale value by visiting us whenever you need auto AC repair.


While AC is in greater demand most of the year, you do need your vehicle’s heating system to work during the coldest parts of the year. Visit our shop for auto heat repair so you can drive without frigid fingers. Our mechanics will quickly diagnose the issue and explain the most cost-effective options to you so that you can make the right call for your vehicle and budget.