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Daily travel can be unbearable without your car’s functional air conditioning or heating system. While regular maintenance can help prevent issues, problems can still occur unexpectedly and leave you sweating behind the wheel or freezing during your commute. The experts at Selma Automotive & Transmission Repair at 15403 I-35 Suite C Selma, TX 78154 can keep you comfortable throughout the year. We work on all makes and models and cover our services with a warranty plan.

Specializing in A/C and Heat Repair

At Selma Automotive, we specialize in auto A/C and heat repair to ensure you stay comfortable on the road. Our shop is equipped with quality tools and OE parts to bring out the best in your car’s performance. With experienced and trained technicians ready to perform any service your cooling and heating systems need, you can trust us to keep you comfortable in any temperature. A low refrigerant level is one of the most common reasons for your A/C blowing warm air. Refrigerant, also known as Freon, is vital in keeping your car’s A/C functioning properly. If levels are low, it will inhibit your A/C’s ability to cool the air. Another common issue with car A/C and heat systems is blower motor failure. If you hear a loud squealing noise when you turn on your A/C, this is a clear sign your blower motor needs repair or replacement. The blower motor cannot push warm or cool air into your car’s cabin without it.
The compressor in your car’s A/C is critical to its functioning. It works to compress refrigerant gas into a high-pressure state, allowing it to dissipate heat from the car’s cabin. If you experience issues with the A/C cooling down or your car has hot air blowing out of the A/C vents, the compressor might have damage and need replacing. Other problems could be a clogged cabin air filter or a thermostat malfunction. Regardless of the issue, Selma Automotive has it covered.

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At Selma Automotive, we ensure you get the best possible service for your vehicle. We provide quality parts and services to ensure your car runs smoothly and safely. A/C and heat problems can be frustrating and uncomfortable. However, with a basic understanding of the common issues, symptoms, and solutions, you can quickly identify and fix them. Taking care of your A/C and heat systems with regular maintenance can help prevent issues from arising. However, when problems occur, it is best to seek professional help to avoid further damage and costly repairs. Selma Automotive & Transmission Repair is your trusted partner for all your car A/C and heat repair needs. We provide a free shuttle service and have a comfortable waiting room with a kids’ area for people who choose to relax with us! We also offer financing options. Schedule an appointment today at (210) 876-3467, and enjoy a comfortable ride no matter the day.